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Simson Sports Therapy and Injury Clinic is a private practice led by senior therapist Ben Simson. Ben is a graduate Sports Therapist from Coventry University and has experience in professional sports therapy positions at Brentford Football Club and private clinics. To ensure excellence, Ben is registered and insured with the Society of Sports Therapists. Simson Sports Therapy believes that examining, treating and managing an injury can encourage people to really comprehend and lead a more structured exercise path in their life. Simson Sports Therapy is an excellent way to reach your 'Fit for Life' goal no matter the aim.

Treatments include:

•Injury Assessments
•Sports Therapy
•Deep Tissue Massage/Sports Massage
•Remedial Massage
•Cryo Therapy and Ice Massage
•Joint Mobilisations
•Strength and Conditioning Programmes
•Kinesio Taping
•Physical Rehabilitation Sessions (Sport Specific)
•Flexibility Programmes
•Gait Analysis

For more information visit www.simsonsportstherapy.co.uk or don't hesitate to contact Ben with any queries:

Telephone: 07803273620

Treatments provided:

Sports massage therapy helps alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues as a result of physical activity.

Where minor injuries or lesions occur, due to overexertion / overuse, massage can break them down. Above all, it can help prevent those niggling injuries that so often get in the way of performance and achievement whatever you level of involvement in sport.

Anyone can benefit from sports massage, such as people in physically demanding jobs and those not quite so obvious occupational, emotional and postural stresses that affect us all. It is based on the various elements of Swedish massage and often incorporates a combination of other techniques involving stretching, compression, friction, toning, and trigger point response techniques similar to Acupressure and Shiatsu and tends to be deeper and more intense. The skilled therapist brings together this blend of techniques, knowledge and advice during treatment, to work effectively with the client to bring about optimum performance and to provide injury free training and minimise post event injuries.

Sports Massage  
Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age, sex or ability. It utilises the principles of sport and exercise sciences incorporating physiological and pathological processes to prepare the participant for training, competition and where applicable, work.

A Sports Therapist is a healthcare professional who has the knowledge, skills and ability to: 

Utilise sports and exercise principles to optimise performance, preparation and injury prevention programmes
Provide the immediate care of injuries and basic life support in a recreational, training & competitive environment
Assess, treat and, where appropriate, refer on for specialist advice and intervention.
Provide appropriate sport and remedial massage in a sport & exercise 
Plan and implement appropriate rehabilitation programmes
The spectrum of expertise that a Sports Therapists must possess is built within these five key areas of competency below;?

• Prevention of injuries

• Recognition & evaluation of injuries

• Management, treatment & appropriate referral

• Rehabilitation

• Education & counselling

Sports Therapy  
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